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Fundfina lending platform

An integrated platform for the Digital Lending Business


Rn (ऋण्) Fundfina’s Technology Platform is a Software-as-a-Service that can be leveraged by lending companies or third-party service providers to run the lending marketplace. We bring Data Science to the entire lending lifecycle to make it more reliable and updated.

We help you build your custom FinTech software solutions that are powerful and comprehensive for your competitive advantage

A one-stop-shop solution - allowing the borrower to apply, get evaluated, and receive funds at once

Specialized in offering tools and accelerators for loan origination and management systems, customer management, compliance reporting, AI-powered transaction uncertainty scores, marketing, and security

A scalable, configurable, cloud-based lending platform that manages the entire lifecycle from origination to asset management

A Single-View

Self-Service Portal for Loans, Payments, & Statements

We’re a leading digital lending platform providing end-to-end lending solutions with the use of the latest technologies.

Cutting-edge machine learning-powered credit scoring
Easy partner integrations through APIs
Digitally-ready solutions
Easy and quick configurations
Asset class coverage with easy additions to new product variants
Tools for stakeholders collaborations, internally and externally