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Enabling business opportunities like Banking-as-a-Service and other exciting financial services from Fundfina - a trustworthy thought leader for MSMEs.

Embedded Finance

Delight your customers by mix-matching our APIs and build smart use cases across user acquisition, conversion, and retention.

No matter what you choose - either to build your own customer journey or to leverage our easy-to-deploy white-labeled microsites.

Fundfina helps create seamless experiences keeping intact the TRUST factor of all the stakeholders involved.

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We bring the entire ecosystem with our API-driven banking and financial services as we know that the final combination is much greater than the sum of its parts.

Streamlining financial processes with finance and

Tailor-made credit products
Deep understanding of customers
Seamless user journeys and workflows

Disrupting & democratising digital lending

Increase in the retention and loyalty
Enhanced user experiences
Personalized financial services to the end-user


Provide credit to MSMEs on a multi-sided marketplace where the entire ecosystem of lending and borrowing is connected with speed and agility.

We help discover new lending opportunities for businesses by providing access to the pre-qualified customer portfolios as per your target segment and credit policy.

The platform manages all compliance and workflows, shields partners from all the complexities

More about TrueScore

It enables them to focus on their core offerings along with additional banking services for their merchants.

Embracing financial services to enable new on-platform transactions

Hyper-personalized financial products catering to the needs of end-users
Deep data insights and recommendations
Proprietary credit scoring mechanism (TrueScore™) to optimize performance

Disrupting & democratising digital lending

Tailor-made solutions that save time and increase data accuracy
Reducing OPEX for both supply and demand-side partners
Flexible workflows conforming to regulatory guidelines

Credit Indices

Fundfina aims at creating a safe marketplace with a flow-based credit assessment system based on the transactions by generating alternate credit scores for SMEs to bring them into mainstream financial systems.

Along with our own credit scoring mechanism TrueScore™ that we developed after crunching through large volumes of cash-flow-based data

The platform manages all compliance and workflows, shields partners from all the complexities

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We are in the process of developing multiple credit indices which will give indicators for late payment, propensity to become delinquent, or default for assessment of MSMEs to access collateral-free loans.

Our strengths

Deep understanding of customer behavior
Machine Learning-based credit assessment models
Access to a huge network of MSME data

Harnessing new-age technologies to drive real transformation

Alternate Credit scores enable access to formal credit for new to credit customers
Curated lending programmes for perceived “high-risk” borrowers
Curated products augmented with risk-based pricing

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Digital Enterprises

To cater to 30+ million MSMEs within India


To innovate new products and create extensive distribution channels


To expand their business portfolios and explore unexplored territories.

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We are a FinTech startup company with a perfect mix of engineers, entrepreneurs, banking & finance experts. Come help us build the customer service infrastructure for modern companies.

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