Accurate, Perceptive, & Transparent Risk Assessment

TrueScore™, an indigenous product from Fundfina, measures the transaction volatility expected in sales turnover of small businesses and helps lenders to make accurate, reliable, and agile decisions over the customer lifecycle.

TrueScore screen illustration
6.6 million TrueScores generated


Broad view of risk icon
Get a broad view of risk
Machine Learning icon
Scores are based on the most cutting-edge ML algorithms
Risk based pricing icon
Risk-based pricing for individual MSMEs including loan amount and tenors
Wallet icon
Lenders can extend credit with confidence
Credit card icon
Captures customer’s credit behaviors to grow portfolios responsibly
Safety icon
Safe and sound for responsible lending decisions
Probability icon
Predict probabilities of delinquency, default, and write-off over 90-180 days
Collateral free icon
No credit score, no bank statements, no collateral required

Credit Summaries

  • Financing for closed-loop ecosystem
  • Mitigating risk factors to improve creditworthiness
  • Carefully curated lending programs for potential “high-risk” borrowers

Credits offered to date

  • Term loans of up to 90-180 days
  • Credit sanction/revolving credit
  • Daily loans

Key sectors

  • Payment wallets and money transfer agents
  • Banking correspondents
  • Retailers with PoS terminals
  • Industry-based scoring methodologies


How is TrueScore calculated?