About Fundfina

Affordable. Accessible. Appropriate.

Fundfina was founded with the aim of democratising finance for micro, small and medium businesses.

Powered by rigorous innovations and technological advancements, we are laser-focused on helping MSMEs grow.

Using first principles thinking and building intuitive processes combined with a deep understanding of MSME user behaviour, Machine Learning & Data Science, automated workflows, and reconstructing supplies of monies, we are re-inventing small business lending.

We empower small businesses to prosper by supporting their needs to grow, manage and protect.

We do so by enabling enterprises & financial institutions to provide affordable and appropriate access to data, technology and financial solutions over an open and trusted platform.

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We take pride in our unrelenting resolve to provide inclusive access to affordable and appropriate financing for small businesses as we pledge to uphold our lending principles through our conduct and work practices.

We’re committed to global development and prioritise the targets mentioned in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the inclusive FinTech, and the numerous national-level plans and policies of the countries, including the Paris Agreement on lowering carbon emissions. As a provider of financial products, credit indices, and technology platforms, we contribute actively to three SDGs.

Decent Work and economic growth

Promoting sustainable, and inclusive economic growth and decent employment with equal pay for all.

Reduce Inequalities

Progressively achieve and sustain income growth and reduce income inequalities.

Partnership for the goal

Strengthen the global partnership for sustainable development through resource mobilization.

Our leadership

Spread over three countries with over 100 years combined experience in industry and academia.

Rahul Tripathy
Nishant Bhaskar
Director - Talent, Finance & Technology
Abhijit Naik
Chief Risk and Data Officer
Soni Yatheendradas
Principal Data Scientist
Bikram Bajaj
Chief Product Officer

Fundfina has a very fast working process with minimum document and quick distribution

Harish Kumar

I'm happy with Fundfina. It's documentation process is very simple. This company believes in their Retailers and Distributors. I thank them for the loan.

" Nagardeep Biswas
Arunachal Pradesh

Fundfina company is the best loan company. It's process is very fast and I'm happy with this company.

Chanchal Jha

Best co-operation from the team I have ever experienced, dedication of the work is mind blowing. Really very very happy for the process and cooperation I received from you. Really very thankfu

Sandeep Agarwal